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        Coast Residences
        Coast Residences
        SMDC SMDC Coast Residences Coast Residences SMDC Coast Residences Pasay
        5,050,000 & Up PHP
        Condominium   Studio, 1 BR, 2 BR
        Roxas Boulevard , Pasay , Metro Manila PH Coast Residences SMDC Coast Residences Coast Residences SMDC Coast Residences Pasay
        S Residences
        S Residences
        SMDC SMDC S Residences S Residences SMDC S Residences Pasay
        6,061,000 & Up PHP
        Condominium   1 BR, 2 BR
        Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City , Pasay , Metro Manila PH S Residences SMDC S Residences S Residences SMDC S Residences Pasay
        Studio Zen
        Studio Zen
        Filinvest Filinvest Studio Zen Studio Zen Filinvest Studio Zen Pasay
        2,080,600 & Up PHP
        Condominium   Studio, 1 BR,
        1811 Taft Avenue, Brgy. San Isidro, , Pasay , Metro Manila PH Studio Zen Filinvest Studio Zen Studio Zen Filinvest Studio Zen Pasay
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        Pasay Condos
        Pasay condos have been built in the residential areas of Pasay City. They deserve to be called homes. As we know not all residential places can be called home. A home is what makes you feel comfortable, alive and peaceful at heart.  The condos properties coupled up with the properties of the city make it an ideal place to live in these residential areas.

        History of Pasay City
        In 1727, Pasay was renamed Pineda in honor of Don't Cornelio Pinedo who was a Spanish horticulturist. The renaming of this town to Pineda however, did not please the residents of this place. The Spanish-American war led to the occupation of Americans in the Philippines after the Spanish lost the war.After the Americans' occupation of Philippines, roads in Pasay started improving and increasing.Pineda was then incorporated into the Province of Rizal. Later, there was a petition to change the name if the town from 'Pineda' to its initial name Pasay. The petition was accepted the same year that it was sent to the Philippine Commission.With the improvement of roads in Pasay, transport system improved a great deal in the town. Buses were introduced to the town. Meanwhile, American ex-soldiers started developing residentials for land was very cheap in the area. As per now, residential areas are numerous in the city. Pasay is now one of the sixteen cities that make up the Metro Manila.

        The Economy of Pasay
        Pasay is a beautiful place to live in because of the city's economy. The city has more than four hundred thousand inhabitants thus providing a steady supply of skilled labour to businessmen.There are commercial buildings established at various points in the city. Pasay is home to various headquarters of organizations that are within the country for instance the Philippine Airlines.  Spirit of Manila Airlines also has its headquarters in Roxas Sea Front Garden in Pasay City. Other headquarters in the city include Oishi, Cebu Pacific, PAL Express and Interisland Airline, also the LBC Express headquarters.Commercial buildings established in this city contribute a lot to the growing economy of this city. Many corporations have their offices in the city for instance the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions, Overseas Workers Welfare Administration also the Philippine National Bank's main office is also in Pasay.Some of the government's offices are also located in Pasay for instance Office of the Vice-President of the Philippines, Manila International Airport Authority Senate of the Philippines, Civil Aeronautics Board, Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines.  Japan and Latvia also have their embassies in the city.Commercial establishments are both within and without the central business district. There are restaurants, shopping malls and restaurants scattered around the city. The shopping malls range from average malls to big malls, inexpensive to high priced malls. Investments have been made in real estates together with other businesses in the city. Business in Pasay city is done on a twenty four hour basis.

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        Shopping Centers
        There are shopping Centers all over the city. The major shopping centers are located within the central business district. These shopping centers are enclosed while some are open air markets. The open air markets provide bargain opportunities thus one can buy goods at a much cheaper price.  The major shopping Centers offer state-of-the-art cinemas, theatres and spas. Many enclosed shopping Centers provide parking space for automobiles thus being preferred by many people. Another good thing about them is that they are located along major highways therefore easy to access. Some of them are adjacent to bus stops thus making it easy to reach the stops without much struggling with your shopping. The shopping centers are found in almost every major street in the city. They offer both our basic and extra needs. There are lifestyle malls within the city. This is where the best boutiques are found. For those who enjoy shopping for clothes, your closets will be overflowing with these unique clothing items.Retail establishments are also available in Pasay.With malls and shopping Centers  around your home, school and workplace you do not have to keep rushing to places in order to purchase goods. Cartimar is just an example of the state-of-the-art malls in the city.

        There are major educational institutions in the city. Schools are located in every corner of the city. Living in Pasay is an unregretable experience because it offers amazing experiences to those who study here. The schools offer the best education that there is.There are all kinds of schools in the city running from preschools to colleges and universities. These schools are either private or public. Some schools have been established by non governmental organizations. The number of public schools in Pasay are higher than the number of private schools. Giving education to your children or even to yourself does not mean living outside your budget.Some of the schools are located within the central business district. If you or your children are comfortable attending such schools then do so at your own volution. There are also schools within the residential areas. The reliable means of transportation in the city is one advantage for students because wherever they decide to study, there is a jeep or bus that can take them to and from home. Different schools in this city offer different systems of education. For those who do not want the traditional system of education you do not have to feel trapped where you do not belong. There is something for everyone when it comes to education matters in Pasay.The major educational institutions in Pasay have  proper facilities such as play areas, equipped laboratories, libraries with updated books theatres etc.Dome of the notable schools in Pasay include Asian Institute of Maritime Studies, Arellano University School of Law and Manila Tytana Colleges

        Movement from one area to another is quite easy because of the developed roads. Residents and tourists of this city use both private and public means of transport to commute in the city.Buses are mostly used to get around the city. They are also used for intercity commuting. Commuter terminals are different from provincial terminals. There are major roads that provide linkages between cities. Buses serve all around the city however, you cannot get in or off the bus as you wish. The bus stops only at designated bus stops. This is helps to minimize traffic. The colour coding is active 24 hours thus it is safe to walk with the kids.There is also the use of jeepneys in Pasay.Jeepneys are also easy to find and are the commonly used means of transport. They are cheaper than other means of public transportation. They serve the city's populated areas.  Jeeps can drop off passengers anywhere unlike buses. They have points where they load passengers. They are also easy to get in and to alight because of their open rear door design. However, jeepneys are usually overcrowded.There are taxis within the city. Most of them are in the central business district but it is easy to catch a cab even in other areas. Tricycles also serve residents of this city. For traveling by rail, there are two systems that serve residents here, the LRT line one which has four stations and MRT line  three which has only one station.

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        Entertainment Centers lighten up cities. This is the same for Pasay city. After a long day at work, you can pass through entertainment joints before you go home.For those who love live performances, there are lots of places to catch live band performance in the city. Apart from the entertainment from the bands, you can actually eat a decent meal in these places. Bar 360 is a place where you can get live performances. They do not charge admission to the bar, where you are up close and personal to the entertainment.There are clubs and bars for those who are party animals. Clubbing and partying on weekends is highly welcomed in clubs such as Resorts World Casinos however, they  do not restrict you on which day to come have fun, it is open round the clock. This club showcases plays once in a while. Since they offer pretty good entertainment services the prices are a little bit high.State-of-the-art cinema halls are numerous in the city's central business district. Cinema halls can be found in major shopping malls that are in the city.Events are usually organized and held within the city by notable figures in the entertainment arena. This is a good way of relaxing a bit and having some fun.Bicycle riding and walking is a good way relaxing one's mind and is highly welcomed in this city. The city has pavements and walkways where one can do the walking or bicycle riding.For yoga exercises, the major malls in the city offer such exercises. For those who love dancing, you can meet up with your friends at a peaceful area in the residential areas and stimulate your mind by dancing a little bit.Swimming is the best recreation activity ever. The city recognizes this that is why it there are many affordable and hygienic swimming pools around.Some of the notable shopping malls in Pasay include SM Mall of Asia Arena, Resorts World Manila, Shop Zaino, Kaya Shop among others.

        Where to eat out in Pasay City
        Eating outlets are just at one's doorstep. During working hours while you are in the office you can get out and grab a cup of coffee just outside the office probably on the ground floor or at a stall just around the corner. There are food stalls around the city. These are for those who live in a tight budget. The stalls offer cheap foods. They can be found not far from major commercial Centers thus convenient for those who work in these offices. They are also not far from education institutions so those studying are not left out.There are restaurants all over the city. These range from the cheapest to the quiet expensive ones. Just drop off at one that is within your budget. There are also five star and four star hotels within the city. Serendra has many restaurants and since it is a residential area, it is a good place to eat out then head home.Restaurants in this city offer all kinds of delicacies. For Filipino, Chinese, Japanese or Italian cuisines the city has restaurants that offer such meals.

        Why live in Pasay condos
        If you are working in Pasay, living within the city is convenient because of the time factor. You will save a considerable amount of time when going to work. You do not have to close your business too early because your home is just around the corner and for those who are employed, you do not  have to sulk at your boss for releasing you late for you will not be commuting between cities. he combination also allows one to work and still live in the same block but just a few miles away from home to work. It is thrilling to live near your workplace because of the thought that you will have saved yourself a lot of  trouble such as waking up early and you will even save what you would have used as fare since you can walk to your workplace. The city center is quite easy to navigate both by use of the car and also while on foot.  This is also the case for those studying in Pasay city. The availability of schools in this mostly residential city is another advantageous thing. Children do not have to travel a long distance just to acquire some knowledge. Schools are scattered all over the city.The fact that there is not so much activities in the city within the residential areas make it a lovely place to live and to raise kids. Condos in Pasay are quiet amazing.